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Endoscopy / Videoscopy / Boroscopy of the SCHuMET GmbH in Kusterdingen, Salzbergen and Grand-Couronne

Due to the technical requirements of our customers, we have been able to position ourselves very well in the field of endoscopy in the past. We were able to acquire a great deal of know-how through many different requirement areas for the components that are checked with the endoscope.

We have the right endoscope for almost every application. From simple endoscopes with flexible probes in all variations, borescopes to highly accurate and precisely specified video endoscopes with HD resolution and many other features. The areas of application range from control housings with a large number of cross bores and overlaps to high-precision medical technology components. We adapt our test procedures and the space required for them precisely to your requirements.

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The requirements in the industry continue to increase, which is why the topic of endoscopy and video endoscopy is becoming more and more interesting. We continuously train new staff specifically for this area of ​​application so that we can implement all customer projects and all requests. In this area, too, we are not afraid of large quantities and the increasing time pressure in industry and the automotive sector.

Of course, we can offer you ongoing documentation for all of our activities with razor-sharp images and an error analysis tailored to your needs. You can get these from us daily or at an agreed rate, depending on your requirements.

All components that are checked by us with the endoscope or videoscope can also be reworked with specially manufactured devices and tools. We work a lot with diamond-coated grinders and pneumatic / compressed air tools. We are set up by our cooperation partners in such a way that we can design or adapt the right tool for almost any complex rework.

You are welcome to contact us and we will make a tailor-made offer with you or based on your component.

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