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Rework of all kinds from SCHuMET GmbH

Rework for technical products

The SCHuMET company has been distinguished for many years by its knowledge of control and reworking of all kinds. Thanks to our know-how as an effective rework company, we have the opportunity to carry out simple rework both in-house and at the customer's site, but also to control, accompany or rework entire series productions. With various aids, machines and special tools, we develop individual processes in order to achieve the result you want.

For this purpose, we are also happy to create work instructions specially tailored to the agreed process or instructions for the entire process according to customer-specific specifications or according to the specifications on the drawing. Especially in the automotive industry as well as in medical technology, we have already been able to successfully move large orders of up to 30 million parts per year to our premises and carry them out with the full satisfaction of our customers.

We work with great care and efficiency with every order. Our employees are regularly trained to improve processes and increase their effectiveness. In most cases it makes more sense to outsource the rework processes and manual work steps to SCHuMET than to cover the processes on your premises. SCHuMET specializes in precisely these activities and is also equipped for this at our location. By relocating the rework to SCHuMET, you can concentrate completely on your core competencies. With SCHuMET, you as a customer also benefit from the high degree of flexibility. We are available for you 24 hours a day and can provide emergency teams at any time to solve or work through your problems

These customers trust us

Reliable and quick readiness for rework of all kinds

We offer:

  • Deburring
  • Parts cleaning
  • Rust removal
  • Industrial cleaning plant
  • Cleaning or targeted removal of dirt particles
  • Rework of the materials: plastic, metal, aluminum, silicone / elastomer
  • In addition, we offer you customized reworking methods that are precisely tailored to your needs

More informations

SCHuMET is not only characterized by its precise work, but also by its reliable and quick readiness for use. In the case of rework of any kind, we are ready after a short time to carry out the order on our premises or on your premises.

Our service portfolio, which distinguishes us as one of the leading rework companies in southern Germany, includes rework in the field of metal, aluminum, plastic and silicone / elastomers.

Many of our customers in the casting sector have been relying on our reliable testing and reworking services for over 10 years and appreciate our flexible working conditions at SCHuMET in-house at all times. At SCHuMET, we can manually deburr components with your or our equipment.

Should we not be able to use conventional tools for deburring your components, we would be happy to work with you to develop individual reworking instructions for your component and the appropriate solutions with deburring tools.

With the vacuum cups specially configured for us, we can completely clean particle residues from circuit boards, dust particles from seals and many other components.

We can carry out this work in our freely configurable clean rooms or in our in-house clean room.

We carry out coarser reworking with hand cutters and other machining work materials in reworking rooms designed precisely for such work. For cleaning these components, SCHuMET also has an industrial washing machine, for subsequent parts cleaning if necessary.

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