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Quality Gate / Q-Gate of the SCHuMET GmbH in Kusterdingen, Salzbergen and Grand-Couronne

An acute quality problem arises or there are quality issues that can only be discovered through a permanently installed test.
Then it makes sense to install a Q-Gate.
We can install a Q-Gate at your location or at your supplier within a very short time. Another possibility is to take over a Q-Gate that is already running.

With a Q-Gate it is imperative to coordinate the processes in advance. If they do not exist, together we can define processes. It is possible for us to take on the creation of a suitable work instruction or test instruction here as well. We have the right equipment for such cases and can therefore react very quickly.
Another SCHuMET standard is that we inform the customer who orders the Q-Gate about the latest test / sorting status at any time. Our customers get their documentation every day. If it is necessary, we also create various statistics.

Our employees are trained to deal with various Q-Gate topics and can work with you at any time to develop a solution for new difficulties. The teams that are used here are put together according to your needs.

It is no problem for our employees to take over the transport of the goods themselves. Regardless of whether you use forklift trucks in-house or with our own fleet of vehicles to external partners.

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