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Testing, sorting and reworking of the SCHuMET GmbH in Kusterdingen, Salzbergen and Grand-Couronne

Together with our customers, we have proven our consistency and reliability over many years in the automotive industry, in mechanical engineering as well as in medical technology.

With many different test methods and test rooms, we are always flexible to meet your requirements. We carry out everything from simple components with optical inspection without tools to complex tests on conductor boards or other components under the microscope.

Every workplace is equipped with an illuminated magnifying glass. We would be happy to redesign our test processes and the rooms individually for your needs.

The checking and sorting of components are always controlled by a project manager. In these activities too, SCHuMET is characterized above all by the constancy and stability of the processes.

Each employee is carefully incorporated into the subject areas and is always trained and educated for the field of application. The test processes are constantly checked by our technical project managers and continuously optimized. Often, industry audits are taken lightly, and that's when mistakes happen. Over the years, we have adapted to offer our customers exactly the safety they want with the tests and testing processes.
We check all possible variations of components from plastic parts, silicones / elastomers, forged parts, metal parts, conductor boards, electrical components up to very complex cast parts.
If failures are discovered during the test that can be reworked. The rework can be done of course in connection with the test or directly afterwards in our company.
We have equipped ourselves with a wide variety of hand tools, as well as electrical and pneumatic tools, specifically for this purpose. If the rework is more complex, we would be happy to work with our customers to develop a rework process that is specially adapted to the components and define the appropriate tools for this.

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We are able to pick up the components from you with our own vehicles (vans and trucks) and deliver them back to you or your customer.
It is also possible to send selected and dependable employees to you on site for support. Here we are also known for our high flexibility and our quick response time. Of course, our project managers will coordinate with you in advance and adapt the selection of employees directly to your needs.
It doesn't matter whether you need an employee who fetches the goods from the warehouse himself with the forklift or an employee who specializes in tests on the microscope or with manual measuring devices.

The SCHuMET team cannot be beaten in this area of ​​service.
In many cases, our customers have problems developing new or existing supply chains. We would be happy to support you with our entire know-how. We have various standard processes for this, in which the suppliers first deliver the goods to SCHuMET and we deliver the goods directly to the customer after testing or other services.
In one of these cases, the supplier gets a project manager as a contact person who takes care of the development of the supplier's quality.

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