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Incoming and outgoing goods inspections of the SCHuMET GmbH in Kusterdingen, Salzbergen and Grand-Couronne

Incoming goods inspections or outgoing goods inspections can be introduced in many different constellations.
Many of our customers have very complex or fragile components. This is the reason why we use a permanently installed incoming goods inspection for purchased parts. Here, too, the scope of testing can be adjusted at any time as required or adapted to the quality of the components.
The SCHuMET team help our customers on other tasks, such as measuring random samples or repacking the components in your series packaging. This topic often makes sense for goods that come from non-European countries or are to be sent there. Outgoing or incoming goods inspections can be carried out on your locations as well as in SCHuMET's own premises. Outgoing goods inspections also make sense for fault-prone components.

This can become an issue for several reasons. Sometimes it happens that you get such an outgoing goods inspection prescribed by your customer. We can play a very important role here and deliver the goods directly to your customer after the inspection or have them delivered.
Thus, SCHuMET acts as a mediator for some issues between you and your customer!
Experience has shown that in the past this has often resulted in the supplier-customer relationship being significantly strengthened and improved. Incoming goods controls are also often introduced for SOPs and new starts. In recent years, we have been able to support our customers here, especially with newly developed products. These can be such as power modules, hybrid control units or with many assistance systems for the automotive sector. It makes sense here to make the incoming goods inspection variable and to gradually remove the components that are consistently good over a coordinated period from the inspection. Incoming or outgoing goods inspections can also be carried out on a random basis.
If a failure is found during this check, the cause must be analyzed in parallel, and the goods checked 100%.

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