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Tests according to ESD conditions and / or under clean room conditions of the SCHuMET GmbH in Kusterdingen, Salzbergen and Grand-Couronne

At our location in Kusterdingen we are in the fortunate position of being able to respond to special requirements from you or your customers or suppliers.

Due to frequent inquiries, we have added both a large clean room and many ESD workstations to our premises in recent years. In these rooms we are also very flexible and can adapt to your requirements. Many tests on conductor boards must be carried out in clean rooms under ESD conditions.

The demands of the industry are constantly increasing. Therefore, we have set ourselves the goal of always keeping up with the times. We can offer almost all test conditions or prerequisites for tests, assemblies, or electrical tests in these rooms.

If you are asked to carry out individual work steps in a clean room and do not have the space or the capacity to do so, SCHuMET is the right contact for you!
We would be proud to be your central contact for all aspects of quality or services. Most of our customers also see us as central problem solvers!

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