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Current Covid-19 (Corona) information of the SCHuMET GmbH in Kusterdingen, Salzbergen and Grand-Couronne

By storing goods with us, SCHuMET customers have no problems with delivery delays or delivery failures.

Covid has spread globally and poses great challenges for all of us. We hope you haven't been too badly hit by the effects of the Covid-19.
Everyone counts!

The protection of our employees and high hygiene standards have top priority for us. With our company vaccinations, we can tell from a company point of view that we were able to achieve a 95 percent vaccination quota.
Most companies are currently facing major challenges. Let's tackle this together.
SCHuMET- your problem solver even in difficult situations!

SCHuMET GmbH logo and services

Your standard is adapted 1: 1 to the activities in our company. We work exactly according to your specifications.

In order to be able to meet your requirements in a targeted manner, we have formed trained task force teams that can cover your needs professionally and flexibly.

Do you have components to check or rework?
Your current internal processes can be outsourced to us. In this way you can maintain your process chain and minimize the risk of infection for your employees.

Do you have to measure components or have an initial sample?
In order to be prepared for the future, we have invested in new measuring and testing equipment. We measure optically, tactilely and analyze using computer tomographs for you.

Do you have various activities that you cannot cover internally?
We deburr and blast components made from a wide variety of materials.
Assistance with assembly work? No problem!

Is your warehouse at full capacity due to a delivery stop?
We would be happy to store your goods for you or to complete or assemble components.
Just-in-time requests are therefore possible at any time. We will set up a buffer store in our company especially for you.

Any questions?
You can reach us around the clock via our hotline 07071 - 949 122-0! In difficult times, everyone has to come together and help each other. We wish you and your employees all the best and stay healthy!

Action plan Covid-19 Level 1

Preventive action

  • Stricter hygiene measures
  • Separation / protection of teams in work areas
  • Travel restrictions
  • Avoiding delivery bottlenecks by increasing the number of working materials in good time
  • Increase of the buffer capacity for the storage of customer goods
  • Preventive action AKTIV
Action plan Covid-19 Level 1

Action plan Covid-19 Level 2

Further measures if the situation worsens 

  • SCHuMET teams are divided into different groups
  • No physical thouchpoints between the groups
  • No effects on the work processes / customer processes
Action plan Covid-19 Level 2

Action plan Covid-19 Level 3

Task force teams

  • SCHuMET Management takes over the communication with the customers, with the staff and the suppliers
  • Recruitment of staff into effective task force teams
  • Securing customer supply through buffer storage

Status SCHuMET

  • Level 1 - AKTIV
  • Level 2 - AKTIV
  • All SCHuMET projects are in progress as usual
  • SCHuMET still guarantees that delivery times will be met
  • SCHuMET offers space for buffer storage
  • The SCHuMET team offers cohesion and strength
  • SCHuMET & Partner can cover all services 24/7
  • By storing goods with us, SCHuMET customers have no problems with delivery delays or delivery failures.
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